We no longer do home deliveries. You can catch us EVERY SUNDAY at Kongwak Market and EVERY FIRST SATURDAY of the month at Koonwarra Market.

How to Order

We home deliver FREE every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. If you would like to order simply head over to our ORDER NOW page, pick the bread you want and enjoy!

Some extra Details:

  • Below are our home delivery days and locations:
      • Wednesday Delivery: INVERLOCH
      • Saturday Delivery: INVERLOCH
    • We close orders 36 hours prior to delivery as we bake all our bread fresh and make to order to reduce the amount of waste. No one likes to see a good sourdough bread destroyed. Subscribe or follow us on our socials for reminders to place your orders.
    • There is also a subscription option online for those that would like to have their bread delivered without the hassle of ordering every week
    • We deliver bread between
        • 7am and 9am on Wednesday mornings
        • 8am and 10am on Friday Mornings
        • 9am and 11am on Saturday mornings 
      • If you can, please let us know at checkout where you would like the bread left on delivery. E.g. At the front door, in the wooden box on the porch, etc. Please keep in mind that the bread will be delivered in paper bags as this will allow air in, keeping the bread dry and the crust crisp and delicious. Please ensure the location where you would like the bread left is sheltered to avoid any weather disasters.