Freshly Baked Artisan Sourdough

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100% Natural Sourdough developed over 36 hours

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Our Sourdough Loaves

Country Loaf

Bearded Baker of Inverloch's best selling bread. This delicious loaf takes 32 hours to create to truly develop that sought after Sourdough flavour. If you haven't tried truly authentic artisan Sourdough then this is where your journey begins.

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Olive & Thyme Sourdough

A personal favourite of the Bearded Baker. Our Olive & Thyme is a classic flavour pairing coming together to create something truly special. This loaf takes 36 hours to create and will not disappoint.

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Seeded Sourdough

Our Seeded Sourdough with Sunflower, Pepita and Black Chia seeds certainly packs a punch for those that are partial to a seeded loaf. We ferment our seeds slowly to truly develop the flavours. All of our loaves take a minimum of 30 hours to create including this one and you won't be disappointed with the finished product. 

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Spiced Fruit Sourdough

Our Spiced Fruit Loaf is a special addition to our Sourdough family and a popular one. This is a 36 hour developed loaf that can (and should) be enjoyed on it's own, toasted with butter or sliced thick topped with soft blue cheese. In fact, the combinations are endless. Use your imagination and enjoy pairing with what ever takes your fancy. This one will take you to your happy place. 

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About Us

Located in beautiful Inverloch on the stunning Bass Coast in Gippsland we are a small batch authentic artisan Sourdough bakery bringing bread to the locals and visitors in coastal Victoria. Baking is a passion that has now become a part of our everyday life and we couldn't be happier.

We took the big plunge in June 2020 opening up our micro-bakery with small volumes delivering to locals in Inverloch. In 3 months we grew from baking in one Rofco B40 oven baking twice a week to running two Rofco B40 ovens and baking five days a week. We have been continuing to invest in more commercial baking equipment enabling us to scale up our volumes and will soon move from our small starter baking kitchen to a purpose built space. Stay tuned for more about this in the coming months.

Each of our Sourdough loaves take a minimum 30 hours to produce and we believe is the mark of truly authentic sourdough. All of our bakes are made by hand in small batches and slow fermented. There is no commercial or baking yeast added and absolutely no other nasty chemicals often found in mass-produced bread to superficially extend the shelf life. We only deliver bread that has been baked that same day, and always will, so you know the bread you receive is fresh.


Bearded Baker Of Inverloch

Bass Coast, Gippsland

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